Friday, August 24

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Tallinninaukio, 8:52


This morning, I learned at breakfast, Irma got up and checked us into our flights to London, and then went back to sleep. As a result we both have exactly the seats we wanted: two aisle seats next to each other.

I got up slightly earlier because I have an appointment with Tero the Dentist at 9:00. I brushed my teeth, manually and electrically, and cycled off in the bright sunlight.

I leave my bike at Puotila and walk up past Itis and then up the steps to Tallinninaukio. Over the summer the city have upgraded the environment to include a small, brightly coloured play area. They have also replaced the benches with brightly coloured ones. I stop for a moment to photograph this and then walk to B4 and take the lift to the fifth floor to have my teeth scraped and brushed.

When I get to Arcada I will get my new unlimited Zoom account, thanks to Aki alerting me to the fact that Arcada now has accounts for staff and students.

I will then buy Nick’s plane tickets since this now seems easier than sending messages back and forth. I will email Jan the confirmation and he will repay me before Nick has even received the ticket.

I will then email Arlene Goldbard to ask if she will appear on the podcast, and reply to Mats Bergan about a meeting in a week or two.

At 11:00 we will have an online conference planning session. Ninety minutes later we will have done a lot more, and have a clear task list for everyone. Aga, Ilpo and Oliver will meet next Monday while I travel by train to Weston-super-Mare.

I will go for a walk and buy some batteries for the scale at home which claims it no longer has the energy to weigh us, and after that I will perform various tidying-up activities, and run through my plans for CMS one more time.

At 16:32 I will leave Arcada to race home and prepare for a Chinese Wedding in England.