Tuesday, September 4

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Garden, 17:37


My autumn cold ambled through its various stages yesterday and kept waking me in the night, to cough up phlegm, drink water to make my throat feel better, and go to the toilet to deal with the litres of water I had drunk.

The final time I woke up, the time I intended to wake up, I looked out and saw a very misty morning. The mist had mostly cleared by the time I cycled to Puotila.

I started the day with a festival planning meeting on Jitsi. 110 people have registered for the 120 places so far, and we have still not sent out all the advertisements and emails. We seem to have almost everything in place, now that Aga has found a caterer we can afford. She has also got the gallery space on Kamppi metro station for us, for the week of the festival.

At 11:00 I visited Mats Bergman at the Kollegium for Advanced Studies to talk about the possibility of me pursuing research there trying to find a foundation for discussing social media in the works of Peirce. This relates, of course, to the work that I have been doing with Scott. Mats appeared much more enthusiastic than I had expected, possibly because I have grown used to people failing to understand the ideas that I pitch. He suggested that I write something for him outlining the research I wish to pursue and I, in turn, promised to send it to him in ten days time.

I returned to Arcada to adjust the Powerpoint slide show for this afternoon’s opening session of the CMS course. Jutta passed by completely unexpectedly for three minutes and then I went into A303 to set up the room

Teaching CMS proved a challenge with my voice and ears seemingly unwilling to operate in anything like a normal manner. I made it through a short introductory session and then sent them away.

Shortly after I got home Irma left for an acupuncture and massage session. I tidied up a bit and then balanced my monthly books.

After a while I walk to the door to see if I can see Sunshine in the garden, and I can. I walk up to photograph him, intending to put my iPad down on the table and pick him up and carry him inside. Presumably he guesses that something like this might happen. I photograph him and then he shoots off through the hedge into next door’s garden and disappears.

He will return later, after Irma has also returned glowing with acupunctured health.