Thursday, September 6

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Arabianranta mall, 12:24


I spent the morning making final preparations for this afternoon’s CMS class, as well as answering emails from students from a range of last year’s classes who wanted special treatment for various exercises and assignments that they either had or hadn’t done.

When I had finished this I went to explain to the students in Jutta’s class about the nature of the afternoon. I asked some of them to read the assignment in Its Learning and tell me if it made sense. They said it did. I then set up a discussion forum on Its Learning and told them that it it stopped making sense at any point they should use the forum to ask questions or makes comments, so that everyone could learn from each other. We will see how that goes.

At 12:00 Jutta finishes her session and she and I go to get some fruit from Lidl. Lidl lives in the basement of the mall and as we finish our purchases and leave I photograph the action on the escalator up to the ground floor. Even as I take a short series of images I realise that the word action may prove something of an overstatement.

In the afternoon I will launch the online session and check the discussion forum every now and then just to make sure that nobody manages to miss the point of the exercise before they have even started it.

I talk briefly with Jutta about next year, and my feeling that we should start planning for it before someone else starts planning for us. She agrees.