Monday, September 10

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Pärnu Beach, 12:35


I slept deeply all night and woke feeling as though my cold had almost gone. I also felt that I did not need breakfast. The cakes on the boat and the burger in the evening still filled me.

I got up and had a long shower and then sat and read. I sent Irma a message and then went out onto the balcony. I have seen better views but I have also been in enough hotels to know that, whatever the view, you don’t usually get a balcony to look at it from.

I got to the conference room early, wearing my hotel slippers – for no real reason except the fact that I could. I heard piped bird sounds as I looked for the conference room.

I grabbed the only available extension lead, attached it to a socket, and set myself up. I discovered that almost everyone else had got up at 7:00 and gone to the sauna and/or the swimming pool.

I decided to do that at lunchtime.

Eija decided that I should run the meeting, having created the agenda. By lunchtime we has agreed most of what we had intended doing today. We stopped thirty minutes early.

I sit and make notes and then decide to walk to the beach. I find it almost deserted, with all the cafés, kiosks, and restaurants closed. The season has ended. I walk onto the beach, past the abandoned Coke van, and onto the deep sand. I spend fifteen or twenty minutes there and then walk back for lunch.

The afternoon will work at an even faster pace than the morning, and we will finish at 16:00. I will go and spend two and a half hours in the spa. For the first hour I will sample the facilities on my own. Then Micke will join me, and we will sample the eight different saunas, and several different pools. I will enjoy the bog pool and the pool with a temperature of forty five degrees.

At 19:00 we will all walk to a restaurant in the old town called Hae Maa, where we will eat well. The food will involve duck and finish with tiramasu in flowerpots created to look as though they have plants growing in them. We will then walk back, stop for a drink at the hotel bar, called Noot; and then retire to bed.

At 23:15 I will message Irma and then fall asleep.