Thursday, September 13

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Arcada, 11:54


I wore a proper jacket for the first time since Spring today: my thick cardigan did not feel thick enough. I also wore a scarf and cycled to the metro feeling as though I had enough clothes on. When I got to Puotila and went down to the platform I saw at least three men in shorts and t-shirts.

I spent most of the morning writing. I spent the last part of the morning deleting what I had just written. I could not seem to find the words to say what I needed to say. Since I had imagined that I would spend the day writing a proposal for some research and then sit back smugly to see it accepted this did not seem like an acceptable position in which to find myself. I went for a walk around the building.

Outside A3 I notice a long metallic object, probably a wall fitting of some kind, leaning against the glass wall. I notice that everything has become coloured by everything else and that nothing I can see seems to have any content. I photograph it all as best I can and continue down the corridor.

An hour later I will walk down the same corridor again. This time I will accompany Jutta to the mall to purchase salad. I will purchase nakkileipa, because I realise that I will run out of them in a day or so.

After a lunch involving nakkileipa and fruit I will begin writing again. I will write until I have to break off to hold a thesis tutorial for an MA student who wishes to write about LEAN methodology. The tutorial will prove very fruitful. I will agree to supervise him, and we will part with a clear set of tasks for him to do before our next meeting.

I will then delete my afternoon’s writing and leave for home, where I will spend almost two hours in a Zoom meeting with members of Pixelache. Budgets will get made and plans will get agreed.

I will return to reading Charles Sanders Peirce and decide that everything has worked out as it should. The time I have “wasted” today will prove a necessary stage in a longer process.

The tide will come in again.