Friday, September 14

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Hameentie, 13:34


I cycled to work in a scarf and jacket for the second time since Spring, to find myself once again on a metro with men in shorts.

Today I found myself accompanied by Nathalie and her two twins who waved to me as I cycled across the road to the station. One twin chatted endlessly while the other hid shyly.

I spent the day writing again, but this time I did not worry about whether or not what I wrote made sense. I also took time off to read. I dragged my fatboy out and sat on it reading a variety of things including a new Michael Moorcock book I bought yesterday called Modem Times.

PM Press had announced a sale for this week in which every e-book they published cost $1.99. I bought six and will read them over the next month or so.

After eating lunch I wander around the building and eventually step out of the building. I watch a tram passing by and notice how dark the sky has become. It will spend the afternoon getting darker and darker, until it suddenly switches and turns bright blue.

I will spend an unnecessary fifteen minutes trying to postpone a doctor’s appointment so that I can attend a seminar next Wednesday with Nathalie and Riku. Doing it on the website will involve entering an eight-digit code that I don’t believe I have ever possessed. Obeying the instructions to download the mobile app, will eventually lead me back to this same eight-digit code.

I will start an online chat to discover that the person on the other end does not speak English. Eventually someone will call me back on my phone and together we will postpone my appointment. Before Diacor merged into Terveystalo I used to navigate the website and rearrange appointments with ease. I will notice that a review on the AppStore says exactly this about the mobile app, which I will delete once I have a new appointment.

They will then send me an email to confirm the new date and time of my appointment. I will notice that this does not contain any eight-digit code anywhere.