Saturday, September 15

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City Farm, 12:38


Irma had gone to an unexpected funeral yesterday and so we got up quietly.

After breakfast we cleaned the house and then took a trip to the city farm in Herttoniemi, which Jan runs. He had an open day today so we went to look.

We notice a huge pumpkin and Irma takes a photograph of it. I take a photograph of her taking a photograph of it.

We will spot some mangold and ask how much it costs. Jan will explain that nobody ever buys it, and tells us we can take as much as we want. We do.

In the afternoon we will go to Prisma and then to Stockmann where I will buy a weatherproof jacket in the sale.

At home we will discover the overwhelming potency of Jan’s onions. My eyes will water and sting as I peel them but Irma will also feel the effects from the other side of the kitchen.

As the afternoon light fades we will have the kind of cosy autumn evening that we both love. We will have a long discussion about houses in Kerala until the rain starts and we move rooms to watch Young Morse.