Wednesday, July 18

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Sandholmsudden, 18:30

The day started cold. Naa went off to pick onions and I carried on writing.

The day began to brighten up, and Auo decided that she was bored and would join Naa picking onions. We did a few things in the garden and I went to Tirmo to take some rubbish.

The weather looked as though it might beurst into sunshine or thunder, and the wind kept blowing and stopping. Irma decided that there would be no Bangara presence at the market today, but instead we went to look around. When we got there Auo decided that she was bored and went into Mikael’s hut and started helping.

She is now one of the gang with Naa, Ann-Sofi and Mikael. We are therefore spending the entire two hours wandering around the market and joining in the community singing at Benita’s.

Later, the weather will decide to be unpleasant, and we will have supper and go to bed early and cold.