Thursday, September 27

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Lonna, 17:40


Last night, for the first time since Spring, I slept with the bedroom window closed. Here comes winter.

I strapped my bag to the back of my bag with a stretchy cord. It fitted in the temporary basket, but I felt less than certain that it would stay there as I cycled over bumps.

At Arcada I bumped into Liisa for the first time this year. We arranged to go to lunch at China Flavor next Wednesday.

I then updated some Treamer instructions until Sophie Hope arrived, having found her way here from the West Harbour. We spent the morning discussing a wide range of issues and plans, and finished the morning by recording the first episode of the MIAAW podcast on Garageband on her Mac. She decided that we should use an old Negrava track that I played her as the theme music, and I went away to register a domain name.

We went for lunch and ate smoked trout, while discussing what we wanted to do at the workshop this weekend, and what we wanted out of it in the longer term.

In the afternoon I worked with Jolanda on the English version of the MakeSomeNoise website. More accurately, Jolanda worked on the English version of the MakeSomeNoise website and I said yes and no at various points.

At 16:30 I waited at Kauppatori for the others from Social Tools. They arrived and we boarded the ferry to Lonna, where most people will indulge in an island sauna. I had said that I would not, little realising that saying no would involve sitting outdoors on a wooden chair for two hours.

I walk around the island to keep warm. I come across little jetties at various points. From one of them I can see the mainland from the Orthodox Church to Kalasatama. I look at the skyline. I photograph it. I carry on walking.

The wind will die down and I will experience a few moments of quiet pleasure before dusk will start to creep in and the temperature will drop well below comfort degrees celsius.

Eventually we will all get the ferry back and walk to Sunn restaurant. Sophie will join us with her husband Barry. Conversation will flow like wine. Wine will not flow at all.

At 21:30 I will leave the others and walk to Rautatientori to collect Nick Mahony when he arrives from the airport. We will walk to Hotel Arthur to check him in, before walking to Kaisla to wait for the others to join us. When they do I will leave once again to get the metro home.

I will get to Puotila and almost fail to find my bike. The lack of basket and the bright pink plastic box on the box will momentarily confuse me..