Friday, July 20

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Seitlax, 15:10

It is a fine day. Both of the girls have spent the morning gathering vegetables for tomorrow’s market. After they had eaten lunch we decided to go to Porvoo for some shopping and to a garden centre that Irma wanted to look at.

Here we are at the garden centre in Seitlax which seems to be a village so small as to be invisible. The garden centre is on the outskirts of the village, if such a thing is possible. I am looking at a koristekaalia which we will buy and plant at home.

On the way back we will pass through Vålax where we will notice a new bakery. A middle-aged couple have left Helsinki to become artisan bakers. We will buy some.

We will spend the evening in the garden under the impression that summer has finally arrived. In the distance we will hear the opening strains of this year’s Tirmo Blues festival.