Thursday, October 4

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Hameentie, 11:11


Yesterday I cycled home through something slightly more than drizzle. This morning I looked out of the window and the weather had changed again. The sky looked blue with light fluffy clouds.

I caught a metro with a lot of free seats and then a bus with no passengers, and read from Puotila to Arabia. I went to Lidl to stock up on soups and tomatoes, and found some vegan desserts while there.

I spent the morning preparing the next phase of the CMS course. Tuesday went well, and almost all the class seemed to have grasped how the Stupidly Simple theme actually worked. This afternoon we will build on that.

At 11:00 I decide to take a break and clear my head. I pick up my iPad, put on my jacket, and leave the building. From my window I can see some autumnal leaves looking red and gold. I walk up to the tree and photograph them against the sky. The sky disappears into whiteness as I focus on the leaves themselves.

I will go back in and write up some notes, before turning my attention to the aftermath of the Social Tools festival. I look at the notes that Steve has sent me, and then write an email to the others.

At 13:15 I will start today’s CMS session with the students that Jutta has has all morning. No wonder some of them will look tired before my session even begins.