Sunday, October 7

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Kauppatori, 14:38


We started the day with showers and brunch. We got up too late to go for walks.

At 13:00 Naa came round and we sat and talked. She had to revise for a presentation that she has to give tomorrow morning, so we dropped her at home and drove to the centre.

The annual Herring Market starts today and we have promised Irma’s mother that we will get her some rollmops. We find somewhere to park and walk down where we see Magnus Nyholm and Jorre and Johanna moored next to each other. I take some photos to post on Instagram and then forget to post them.

For the last few years the herring market has shrunk with less and less boats every year. Today however we see the results of Helsinki deciding that they should support it. It has a whole new market area, with a temporary building and a lot of stalls selling not just fish but also vegetables, juice, cakes and pies. We buy a lot.

When we have finished Irma will drive to Kamppi and I will get out at Stockmann where I buy a charging cable for my iPad. As soon as I upgraded to iOS 12 the 2€ cable I bought in Dubai stopped working properly. It trickle-charged at best and sometimes did nothing at all.

While we walked around the market we each had a fishcake from a boat. To our surprise, unlike Pellinge fiskbiffar, it contained flour and other things besides fish and herbs. When we get to Kamppi we each will taste one of the salmon muffins that we bought from a stall. To our surprise these will contain no flour at all. They will consist only of salmon and blue cheese compressed into a muffin shape.

Filling? I should say so.