Wednesday, October 10

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Hameentie, 7:52


The drizzle felt lighter this morning as I cycled to the metro, where the carriages seemed mysteriously empty.

As the tram nears Arcada, I notice an advertisement for Crazy Days, which start today at Stockmann. I photograph the front of the tram as the advertisement changes to something much less interesting. I have the option of staying on the tram and waiting for the advertisement to come round again or getting off.

I get off the tram.

I will spend the first part of the morning finishing my peer review of a very interesting South African paper that analyses middle class white households from the perspective of domesticity.

Next I will make an attempt to arrange a meeting between the Social Tools Gang and the 5th Wall Posse for later this month.

We will have our first virtual Nobanet meeting in Zoom at noon, and I will chair. Interestingly everyone else will get into the meeting without issue, but I will end up in a separate meeting on my own. Once we have this sorted out the meeting will go smoothly, and we will agree a lot, including a list of tasks to do before the next meeting in November.

After a quick lunch I will begin setting up a new website for the podcast. Wordpress or not, I will ask myself. It certainly does not need Wordpress, but it will certainly do so soon, if the project succeeds. I will decide to go with a temporary one-page site, and push all the design decisions further down the road. This will just get the domain linked to the server, and the first episode linked to the page; and getting that done will count as enough for today in my books.

At 16:30 I will adopt the look and feel of Mats and go and supervise one of his MA classes. He has gone to deliver a paper somewhere in Sweden, and I have agreed to hear his students present their papers.

By 20:30 I will have cycled home, and prepared myself to move a carload of logs from a car to a shed. By 21:15 I will have returned indoors, task done.