Thursday, October 11

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Helsinginkatu, 16:32


The day began brightly, in that the rain had gone nd the sun had come out. I cycled to Puotila with a fallen apple in my bag.

I spent the morning getting the new website online. The first hour passed with me trying to remember what I had to do and in what order. The second hour started with me trying to actually do it.

I had set up the domain name servers yesterday. Today when I logged into Linode to check I saw that I had a free upgrade available, and so I took it. The server went offline for twenty minutes while it upgraded itself. My storage went up from 20GB to 50GB while I drank a cup of tea and read some Peirce.

Next I registered the domain in my Linode, and then I installed the site onto the LAMP stack, which runs currently Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS, since you ask. A simple spelling error prevented the server from restarting and I had to fight through the shivering I still get sometimes faced with debugging through the command-line. I learned a bit and managed to locate the error: I had slipped on the keyboard and typed a period instead of a colon. The server restarted.

I then had a series of problems which caused the site to appear for a while and then disappear. I restarted the entire server, which appeared to have fixed it, until it suddenly hadn’t. Then it had, so I left it at that.

This had all taken longer than I had intended although I had read, emailed and spoken to people while various stages of this happened. Finally I remembered tht I needed to get SSL certificates so that people could access the site using https so I headed over to Let’s Encrypt to get one. I realised that I had already installed the Certbot client on the server and so I went back to the command line and used that to get and install two certificates. The first time I did this the browser gave me an error, and the second time I did it, everything worked properly.

Then I went home.

I get the 71 bus and get off at Sörnäinen. As I walk to the metro I round the corner by the William K pub and walk straight into two large horses ready to pull a cart. The pub had flags advertising the arrival of Finnish craft beer so this, I think while stepping back, might have something to do with that.

A couple of very drunk men keep trying to pat them, and never quite managing, and then a woman walks quickly past. I turn down the steps to the metro.

At 17:00 I sit down and join in a Pixelache members’ meeting which will last almost two hours. Fortunately the group will decide not to use video, since some people have limited bandwidth, so I will wander around the house performing useful tasks while listening and joining in as needed.

At 19:00 YLE2 will show the first episode of the eleventh series of Doctor Who and I will sit down to watch it. I will find it entertaining and impressive. I will like the fact that it reminds me more of Grange Hill than what has become the usual atmosphere in Doctor Who.

As soon as it ends Naa will message me and we will have a long conversation about it, with Naa deciding that she should watch the whole eleven series from the beginning. We have the dvd boxsets for the first two series and she has access to series five to ten on Netflix, so one of us will need to obtain series three and four.

I expect I will find myself scouring Amazon for bargains in a few weeks time.