Saturday, October 20

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Kitchen, 17:32


We got up reasonably early and I went for a walk. I spent ten minutes deciding what music I would listen to and then forgot to take my earbuds. I hummed instead.

I spent a long time sweeping up today’s pile of leaves. I also went around the rear of the house where the fruit bushes had started shedding their leaves. Irma went to Prisma while I did this.

In the afternoon I clean the house and return outdoors to saw down the remains of an old dead tree.

Now, indoors Irma prepares all the ingredients for a Thai meal that she will cook for Antti and Hanna and Päivi. The work surface looks as though we will soon begin filming a TV cookery programme. I especially like the colourful plate of peppers.

Antti and Hanna will arrive promptly and Päivi will phone forty minutes later to say that she has got on the wrong metro. Irma will drive to fetch her.

We will spend a jolly evening together, together with Päivi’s dog Olli. Sunshine will not decide whether to retreat or stand his ground before Irma decides for him, and moves him into the bedroom.

They will all leave about 23:45 and we will have another glass of wine before going to bed.