Sunday, October 21

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Garden, 13:52


I went for a short walk this morning and then began collecting some fallen apples.

Yesterday Minna had lent us her apple collecting implement. Neither of us knew if she had bought it or made it: either way it worked very well indeed. Yesterday we got another big bag full of apples. I used the three metre pole on the apple collecting implement to reach right up into the tree, but only managed to get hit on the head by a falling apple once.

Today I attempt something more modest. I collect a small pile of apples and put them on the garden table, suitable for wrapping and packing away.

We will take bags of leaves and drive to a secret destination to dispose of them in woods so big that they make no difference.

In the evening I will go for a second walk before sitting in the evening darkness wondering whether I should read or not.

We will go to bed early and I will fall asleep immediately.