Friday, October 26

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Outside Arcada, 8:33


Irma has a seminar today to finish off her over-busy working week and so we say hello briefly as we get ready to leave. This weather felt very cold in the night but warmer when I got outside.

When I get to Arcada I will notice two vans parked outside. I will observe that they belong to Pelican Rouge who offer coffee solutions. As far as I know that means that a lot of young people gather round the Starbucks coffee machine every other day willing each other on the refill it.

I notice that the two vans have different colours and I roll my eyes: what kind of branding can I see here, I think. Then I notice more: a black van stands next to a white van. Either Pelican Rouge buys vans in off-the-shelf colours or they have a fleet of mixed black and white vans because coffee comes in black or white. What can of branding can I see before me: either none at all or something subtly clever.

I vote for the latter and walk in out of the cold.

In the morning I will finish editing episode three of the podcast and then upload episode two onto Soundcloud after remixing it to turn the background music down a bit. I will update the website.

I will spend an hour or more with Rufina who will turn the Nobanet website into something modern-looking that lives in Wordpress. She will do this as her project in the CMS course.

In the afternoon I will wrestle with the site which has mysteriously gone offline. I will eventually discover that Nebula have reverted the DNS addresses to their own internal addresses and effectively killed the site (since their internal domain name servers point to a non-existing site.

I will try to understand what to do but their website baffles me, Nicke and Mirko. Eventually I will figure out where in the maze I should go and change them.

Or try to. Every attempt will produce an error message that simply says “An error has occurred”. I will phone them and get told that “it will be better if we do it at our end”.

Ho hum, I will think.