Saturday, October 27

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Virkkala, 12:52


Yesterday’s interactions with Nebula continued into the evening. They decided that only the account holder could ask them to change the DNS, despite the fact that I should have the right to do it myself – and would have done it if their website worked properly.

I checked when I got up this morning and they had still not done it.

At 11:30 Naa arrived and we set off to see Marja. The journey took just over an hour and then we arrived in Virkkala, a town too small to have outskirts.

We stop at the Sale supermarket to buy protein products for Marja. I stand outside the entrance and wait for the others to get out of the car. I notice a tub of Valio blue cheese and licorice ice-cream. Naa says that Sampo likes it and she found it, errm, interesting. I cannot persuade Irma to get excited about tasting it, so we leave it on the shelf.

We will spend two or three hours with Marja, who will give us some elk meat. Jens belongs to the local hunting club and has received more meat than he can eat and Marja has become vegetarian.

We will drive back, counting the road works as we go, and drop Naa at home, before stopping briefly at Prisma.

Irma will cook chicken and pasta and we will sit talking about Auo and how the repercussions of her death still reverberate through our lives. The conversation will become more philosophical than sad. More accurately it will become sadly philosophical.

We will go to bed at 1:30, before the clocks change and we have to stay up an extra hour to go to bed at this time.