Sunday, October 28

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Lapeentie, 11:11


Yesterday I had no time to go for a walk. Today I do, and so I go for a long one. The clocks went back in the night and so my early morning walk takes place at what we used to call noon.

Finnish legislators in Finland and in the European parliament have campaigned furiously to end daylight savings time, and some of them confidently predict that the clocks will not go forward again next Spring.

The weather has changed again and the sky beams bright blue. It feels like late summer as I walk through the woods, glad that I didn’t put a jumper on. I decide to walk the same routes in different ways this morning so I walk up Lapeentie this morning on the way out, rather than walking down it on my way home. At the top, by the estate agency, I spot a car with a completely flat front tyre, gleaming in the late summer sun.

I will walk across and down into the woods turning right this time away from the ring road.

In the afternoon we will take my new jacket back to Stockmann because the material has already started to fray. They will not have another in stock but promise to order one for me. Irma will wonder whether the second one will prove any better than the first.

In the evening we will drive to Kamppi because Irma needs her mother’s signature on a piece of paper in order for her to close her father’s insurance policy. Apparently the fact that he died several months ago does not count.

The weather will turn very cold and I will decide to go to bed early. I will fall asleep within seconds.