Monday, October 29

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Arcada, 9:28


I slept soundly all night and woke up to a very cold morning. Irma will work late tonight and so she slept on. The frost lay thick on the ground as I cycled to the metro.

I say hello to everyone in the room when I get to Arcada and begin reading through a thesis I had received late on Friday evening. Leila arrives and says to me, “Did you know it is snowing?” I didn’t, but when I look up and out of the window I can see snow falling rapidly. The ground has become instantly white and the cars have slowed along Hameentie.

Leila and I will have a meeting about the website for the student films. I will explain that I need the actual material for the website before they start making it next week. We will agree to meet again on Wednesday when she will show me the complete publicity packs for five or six movies.

I will look up an hour later to find that the snow has stopped. Ilpo, Oliver and I will work on an application to SKR to help fund the 2019 Social Tools conference, using my Zoom Room. After we finish the first part of this I will look out of the window to find that it has started snowing heavily again, the sky has turned a uniform gray, and the trees in the distance look as though they stand on the far side of a thick mist.

Jutta will stay at home with flu while Mirko and I attend the team meeting at which I will explain that Leila and I had a meeting this morning.

At 14:30 I will turn my attention to the Nobanet project and scrape all the usable material from the old site: downloading about forty images, pdfs and slideshows, and then copying and pasting the public content from the baleful text boxes that Wix provides.

At 15:30 I will head home to let Sunshine out before night sets in. When I get to Puotila I will leave the metro and unlock my bike, realising as I pull it out from the stand, that it has a completely flat front tyre.

I will push it home grumpily, let the cat out, talk to Scott for an hour, and then let the cat back in.