Friday, November 2

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Sörnäinen, 8:25


I completed my week of walking to the metro and read a student thesis from Puotila to Sörnäinen.

I get out of the metro and walk up the stairs to the tram stop. I see a tram decorated in an all-over advertisement for the Lotto, which I have never seen before. I have thought about gambling in Finland several times recently, not least when I walked past the faux casino in Itis the other week and watched people much poorer than me drinking glasses of wine while playing fruit machines dressed up to look like Monte Carlo.

I might write something about my feelings about stupidity taxes at some point soon.

When I get to Arcada I will rearrange my timetable to allow me to devote most of the day to finalising the website. I will email Sophie to say that I felt our decision yesterday to bring the next episode forward might cause us problems down the line. An exciting idea, but not a practical one. She will reply to say that she agrees.

I will set up a Scrivener project to house the content, so that it project backs itself up as it develops. I will then talk to Fred about the CMS project which simply does not have the material that people promised us. We will make some decisions, and I will feel less out on a limb than I did before we spoke.

By out on a limb I probably mean hung out to dry.

I will talk with Nicke about the Eset mystery. He will agree that the key question revolves around the fact that they know Irma’s mother’s name and address. Somebody must have given them this.

In the afternoon I will (almost) finish the miaaw website. I will add in all the references, having figured out how to do it using metadata fields. I will finally get stuck on defining an approach to fancy author pages which drw in images from the image library.

At 16:00 I will have a short Skype call with Elize Bisanz, before I trot off in the drizzle to the British Embassy for an early Guy Fawkes night party. If Guy Fawkes had had weather like this Parliament would have not had to worry about anything, except possibly a lack of umbrellas.