Sunday, November 4

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Lapeentie, 11:30


Last night we both went to bed early and slept almost twelve hours. I woke refreshed to notice that the weather had changed and the sky had turned bright blue.

I go for a longer walk. As I pass the estate agency I notice that the car with the flat tyre that I photographed a week ago still stands there. I turn into Lapeentie and walk down. I see a carved pumpkin in a drive watching what happens. I stop and kneel down to take a picture.

When I get home we will eat and after that I will finally deal with my own puncture. I will discover that my front tyre has a staple in it. Irma will suspect crazed plotters. I will suspect bad luck.

Once I have fixed and tested the bike we will spend a couple of hours gardening. We will saw off the old branches from all the eagle wings and rake up some of the final leaves.

After a trip to Prisma to buy vegetables and soap powder we will drive to Naa’s apartment to see her and Samppo. The guinea pigs will sit motionless in the middle of the floor while we talk.

The evening will pass in cosy autumnal darkness. Irma will make elk stew and pasta, and the cat will go in and out until we can’t work up the energy to let it out again.