Tuesday, July 24

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Sundö, 13:30

I woke up at 6:45 this morning with the cat making going-out noises. Since I had gone to bed at about 22:15 yesterday I was not bothered. I got up, the cat went out, I drank tea, and off I went to the sauna.

The weather was not good but it was definitely better than yesterday, so about 10:00 I took a break. I had brunch, made sure all the water buckets were filled and then went to Tirmo with a bag of rubbish and a coat. For fun, the wind cranked itself up a few notches to gale force.

Now I am taking another break after a long spurt of writing, or rewriting as we call it technically. I am beginning to suspect that I might never get this finished but that, by the end of the summer, the first 8,000 words will be pretty damn good.

I noticed on the way back from the rubbish dump that the ice-cream kiosk was closed. “Ah-ha”, I said. “It is such a bad summer that they shut it up two weeks early”. I have walked back to photograph it and look at that: it is open now. But empty, and with no customers.

Soon I will be back in the sauna writing. I will have another break in the afternoon to wash my hair and “shower”. Then I will wait for the travellers to return from Helsinki.