Monday, November 5

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Arcada, 8:54


I woke up completely refreshed at 7:10 and waited for the alarm. After breakfast I cycled to the metro for the first time in a week. It felt good.

I saw Marina on the platform for the first time in about eight weeks, and so we spent the metro journey chatting. Marina had spent the weekend in Pellinge where she had gone for an afternoon walk in the woods, out of the wind, and Mika had changed her tyres for her. She talked about the way that everything changes. She has worked as the assistant for the CEO of a finance company for the last thirteen years and now he will leave and a new CEO will arrive.

At Arcada I stop for a chat with Nicke, who wants to know how the anti-virus story ended. I explain: Heikki stood at the centre of the mystery, as some of us suspected all along. The young men at HS Works had waived all the charges and sympathised.

I will walk upstairs and past the Online Media studio where the patterned window will catch my eye. I will photograph it, pleased with the scenery visible through the cut-out letters.

I will go to my desk and get straight to work on the miaaw website which I need to demonstrate to the students tomorrow afternoon. I will then prepare for the next attempt at recording a podcast.

This time Sophie and I will talk for almost an hour and wonder if I will manage to edit it down to a more manageable thirty minutes. We will also find time to map out a few more topics and plan the next episode.

I will carry on preparation work all afternoon. Scott will email me to say that he cannot chat this evening, and I will suggest we meet tomorrow instead.

I will cycle home in the dark wearing the new flashing strap on my sleeve that I bought from Janne. It will help his daughter’s school trip and stop cars running me over.

I will reach home alive.