Saturday, November 10

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Kiasma café, 17:28


We started the weekend slowly, as we often do. Once we had got up I went for a walk, came home to do some weekend cleaning, and then had brunch.

Naa phoned to ask if I planned to visit mummi today, and I did. She had already left for the centre but decided to wait for me at Sillitie. Irma drove me there and I met Naa on the metro platform. She came with me to Kamppi.

I had gone to clear up the mess that Heikki had made of mummi’s computer. I uninstalled Eset and installed the free version of Avast. Since the computer has a Finnish language operating system, Naa played an extremely useful role. Eset didn’t really want to leave the computer, and Naa sat with me and translated its many pleas for mercy.

The modem didn’t work properly. Kim had set that up, after Heikki had fiddled with the computer. Nobody had the password so I used my phone as a hotspot.

After this, I walk down to Kiasma to meet two of the founders of Project Defy in Bangalore. Irma met them earlier in the week and suggested that I should see them. I record a long conversation with Abhijit Sinha and Megha Sharma Bhagat in which they explain what they do and why they do it. It sounds to me a lot like cultural democracy in action.

As we leave I take their photograph. I had intended photographing them separately but before I can say anything they adopt a single pose, arms round each other, and I go with that.

I will bid them goodbye, after they have promised to meet us in March in Kochi at the biennale, and head home.

We will spend the evening making food and drinking sparkling wine. We will like it.