Monday, November 12

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Garden, 17:11


This morning when I left the house the sun had not yet done anything at all to the sky. For the first time this autumn I had to put my lights on my bike before I left the house and headed to the metro.

Yesterday I had seen some photographs taken this time last year and snow lay thick on the ground. Ah, I had said: I had to stop cycling then. That would explain why I find it unusual to have to cycle to work with my lights on.

When I got to Puotila I decided to walk to Prisma, a two hundred metre walk if that. They stock Tesco Blue alt-cheese, and S-Market in Arabia don’t. I bought a packet as well as a packet of their chilli alt-cheese and some tomatoes.

At work I listened to five minutes or so of the recording I made in Kiasma. I had worried that the background noise might drown Abhijit and Megha out, but it appears that it didn’t. I don’t think I will need to add a soundscape behind them though.

I spent the morning preparing the sessions for Media Landscapes, which begins this Thursday evening. I decided to include Irene’s movie about giving up digital media for a month. I also decided to make a new Powerpoint about McLuhan tetrads to introduce them at greater length.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a team meeting for the MA course in which we agreed which theses we would each supervise this year. I also asked for a clearer idea of the two courses before Digital Mediascapes so that I could tie mine into what the students already knew.

After this I turned my attention to beginning to think about the talk in Hamburg on November 30. I mapped out a list of topics I wished to touch on in Scrivener and began adding text and references to each section.

I cycle home from Puotila in the rain and Sunshine refuses to go out when I arrives. He eventually leaves when the rain dies down. I go to the rubbish bin and pause to photograph the electric birds on our snow ladder.

At 17:30 I will join Scott on Skype for ninety minutes. Irma will arrive from her noisy meeting at about 20:30.