Wednesday, November 14

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A306, Arcada, 12:34


The weather had changed again, and I cycled to the metro without any lights at all. The sky had brightened and the grey clouds had disappeared.

I spent the morning doing preparation for courses, meetings and presentations. The preparation work moved at its own pace from one topic to another and back again. By the end of the morning I had spotted several common themes and started to work them into the different pieces. Conceptual continuity, Mister Zappa called it.

I break off to go for a walk, and to give myself a reason for this I elect to purchase fruit. When I return I line some of it up and take a photograph. When I look at it I think it looks faked even though it has had nothing done to it at all. I realise that I have several almost entirely faked images that look more realistic than this one.

In the afternoon I will do some work on the Miaaw website. We decided that it should have a comment section and I will now decide that exploring the comments system in WordPress would count as very valuable practice for some future teaching. WordPress, I will discover, has the oddest comment system imaginable in some ways. My cleverly constructed css will have to stand to one side while I style the comments form the old-fashioned way.

I will see a student and then sit down for a Skype meeting with Elize Bisanze. We will talk about her speech at the forthcoming Hamburg event and how my speech will follow on from it. I will outline the topics that I intend to discuss, and she will approve.

When I get home I will discover that Irma’s anniversary post on Facebook has now got 222 likes.