Friday, November 16



Tallinnanaukio, 11:11


The day started unusually. I slept until 8:30, Irma woke me up, I got ready, and we drove to Stoa for a meeting at 9:15.

I met Irma, Kipa and Sami and we spent almost an hour going through the three websites for Migrant Youth Helsinki, and deciding which content needed updating. I left about 11:00 with a list of changes, and a promise that they would send me the new material.

I walk over the bridgefrom the library to the end of Itis and see that, in Tallinnanaukio at least, the middle of November counts as the start of the Christmas season. The square stands festooned in hearts and decorations.

By the time I get to Arcada the material will have started to arrive. I will check my calendar and set aside Monday morning to bring the sites up to date.

I will add some more material to Its Learning for the Digital Mediascapes class tonight, and listen to the recordings that I made of the lectures. Only the second one worked. The first one seems to have disappeared. Maybe I accidentally recorded over it. Ho hum.

I will set up room 309 and run the second evening of the MA course. It will work well, as far as I can tell. The students will decide to stick with the 16:30 starting time and also to stick with this room.

I will walk from Puotila and we will decide to have an early night. I will go to bed and fall asleep by 22:20. I will sleep for twelve hours.