Monday, November 19

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Redi, 17:12


I forgot to leave my bike at home this morning, and cycled to the metro like normal, using the road because the pavement has now completely disappeared from the middle third of the journey. I remembered that I should have forgotten my bike while I waited on the platform for the metro to arrive. This, I thought, will cause me big problems later.

I intended to spend the first half of the morning updating all the material on the three Helsinki sites. In the end I spent the whole morning and a little bit if the afternoon doing it. I hit a wonderfully unexpected problem. I could not get the videos to stop autoplaying.

Then, finally, I could. I removed all the iframe elements and replaced them with the all-new video tags. I also completely removed any references to autoplay; and that fixed it. Technical note to self: autoplay does not act like a proper boolean. Any mention causes it to play; so autoplay=”0” causes autoplay to kick in, as does autoplay=”false”. They both, in effect, mean the same as autoplay=”true”.

This took so long that I had no time to go to the shops and went downstairs for bean and vegetable soup. I liked it: a thick and hearty winter soup that asked for, and got, some Tabasco.

Jutta stayed at home preparing for her session tomorrow, and I sat through the team meeting, having promised to bring her in on Skype if anyone needed her.

After this I took screenshots of the Nobanet website, so we have evidence of what it used to look like, when Rufina rebuilds it in Wordpress.

At 16:30 I leave the building and walk to Pixelache. On the way I step into Redi, which has almost nobody in it. I walk past completely empty shops and restaurants. I step outside and see a huge Christmas decoration. A workman walks past. Otherwise I can see nobody.

I will spend a couple of hours at Pixelache at the first Social Tools workshop, with about twenty three other people. I will find it very interesting and useful.

When I walk back to the metro I will find that someone has blocked the stairs to the platform and left a message to use the Redi entrance. Desperate, or what, I will think as I walk back across the road, into the maze-like structure, and spend five minutes trying to find a way into the station.

When I get to Puotila I will walk to Prisma, look at what I had intended buying, and realise that I can go home with my bike or with the present; but not both.

Feeling stupid, and irritated at myself, I will walk back to the bike and cycle home down the road, covered in reflectors and safety lights and flashing like a Christmas tree.