Wednesday, November 21

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Arabia, 11:32


Irma has built up a lot of extra hours and so she stayed in bed again this morning, because she will accompany Marja to her doctor’s visit later in the morning. I crept around, not waking her, and left into a biting cold morning.

Today I cycled again, keeping to the road and avoiding the 95 bus.

I read two MA theses when I got to Arcada, and then at 10:00 I had an hour tutorial with the writer of one of them. She had conducted some interesting research by we agreed that she needed to find something to compare it to. Should we find her results unusual? If so, how do we know? When we finished she had decided to run a second set of tests this weekend in a way that will allow her to compare the two sets of data.

I have the rest of the day scheduled to think about the Hamburg presentation, and as I sit down to start I hear the hubbub of chatter begin to fill the room. I notice that I have a note from the library and so I decide to walk there and think on the way. As I turn to walk in I notice the new murals stretching down the wall. I take a picture of the one that pleases me most.

I will leave with three Lindsey Buckingham cds and discover that I already have heard two of them. Oh well, as Fleetwood Mac said, before he ever joined them.

I will return and hide on my FatBoy bean bag, and think for a couple of hours. I will listen to Brian Eno’s Atmospheric Lightness extremely quietly, from the Lightness Music for the Marble Palace cd, to block out the chatter, while I do this.

Jutta will burst in at some point, so I will pull out my earbuds, put my thinking to one side, have a short but amusing conversation, and then start making practical plans for tomorrow’s session of Digital Mediascapes.

At 16:15 I will leave for home, hoping to get to the metro station before the light completely vanishes.