Saturday, November 24

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Kiviportintie, 12:00


We got up late, as we tend to do at weekends, and I went for a walk in a brisk but reasonable morning.

I take a different route today: through the woods, left across Riskutie and down to Kiviportintie where I walk past Alepa to the main road. As I come to the lights I notice an abandoned bicycle and as I turn to photograph it an ambulance races past photogenically.

After brunch we will clean, and move some winter lights from the shed to the house and garden. We will then go shopping for Christmas presents and groceries. We will wander through Stockmann’s deli which will now have all the things that it didn’t have last week, like stollen, ginger balls and other Christmas goodies.

Irma will cook a delicious salmon in the oven and we will sit and talk.

She will receive frequent messages from Naa who has gone on a cruise to Stockholm with Sampo.