Sunday, November 25

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Garden, 14:28


I woke up with indigestion from a combination of curried salmon and alcohol and noticed that the temperature had dropped to below freezing. The garden had turned white with hoarfrost.

I did not go for a walk as the thermometer on the window said minus five.

We have brunch while the cat fails to make up his mind whether to go out or not. He makes a series of exploratory flurries and then heads back indoors. I stop letting him out after a while.

About 14:00 we decide to remove some lights that have stopped working and replace them with another set we have in the shed. We take the lights from the edge of the garage roof, both dressed in winter outfits. At the end of this process I photograph one of the flower beds. The day has got as warm as it will get and the leaves still have frost all over them.

In the late afternoon Naa will arrive to swap some presents and eat pasta with us. Nobody will ask what Sampo has to eat.

Irma will take Naa home and return to discover that our television has completed stopped working. I will go to bed at 22:00 while Irma watches the evening news in the kitchen on her iPad.