Wednesday, November 28

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Puotila, 8:08


I woke in the night with a set of ides to improve my presentation. I then woke again when Sunshine started patrolling while howling: looking for Irma I assumed.

I decide not to cycle to work as I suspect I will need to bring my laptop home and my red plastic basket, adopted after my big basket got stolen, will not fit anything more than one small bag.

I walk to Puotila and when I get down to the platform I see a map of regional transport that reminds me of London. I have never seen anything like this in Helsinki. I stand looking at it until the metro arrives.

I will spend the whole day writing, but only in my imagination. In reality I will get interrupted every eight minutes or so. I will console someone, gather information, help carry something, lend someone a pen, narrow down some troublesome options for Jutta, reply to three absurd requests, and sign a form.

I will also send Jan three invoices in a last-ditch effort to get Nick and Sophie paid for Social Tools.

I will give up about 14:30, pack my laptop, and head for home. Just I get ready to leave Nathalie will phone me and tell me to go to a meeting room on the fourth floor.

I will participate in a Skype meeting with Novia, agree to run Interactive Storytelling as an online course next Spring, and agree to take the 6:00 train to Jakobstad sometime in February to meet the Novia students who will join the course.

Before I leave I will email Scott a copy of my paper and at 18:00 I will meet him in Skype to talk about it.

Irma will arrive home about 21:00 and we will talk until bed time.