Thursday, November 29

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Hamburg Airport, 18:10


I walked to Puotila, my laptop over my shoulder.

At Arcada I checked what time I needed to leave to get to the airport on time. I then printed out my paper for Elize, and created a script version in large type with clear next slide instructions. I printed that as well.

Making sure I had my slideshow on a USB stick I ledt and got the 11:15 74 bus to Malmi, where I got the I train to the airport.

I had checked Google Streetview and the hotel seemed to have nothing near it, in terms of bars or restaurants. I therefore went to the lounge for several bowls of delicious soup.

My flight to Hamburg had a ninety minute stop in Amsterdam, unsurprisingly perhaps since the flight belonged to KLM.

I had sat in the plane for twenty minutes when I received a tremendous shock. The crew had started serving meals and handing out bottles of wine to everyone in economy class. I had somehow travelled back to the nineties.

To my even bigger surprise the 65 minute flight from Amsterdam featured more wine and a spicy vegetable wrap.

Now I have arrived in Hamburg to find myself looking at an inevitable Starbucks. I find the taxi rank.

Thirty minutes later I will find myself in a charmingly traditional room in Hotel Mittelweg, at 59 Mittelweg, a very upmarket suburban quarter.