Sunday, December 2

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Prisma, 16:40


We got up late and I went for a walk in the cold, frosty morning. The abandoned car with the flat tyre still stood in front of the estate agency.

After brunch we cleaned the house a little and I fixed a light-bulb.

At 15:00 we leave for Itis and end up parking outside Stoa and walking over the bridge. Everyone in the east of Helsinki seems to have parked in Stoa. We walk into Itis and I get my first glimpse of the new cinema, which opened the day I left for Hamburg.

I try to buy a tripod in Gigantti and Power but both have only the bendy ones that cost twice as much as a regular one. We end up in Prisma, where I notice that S-Group have repackaged all their Mexican foods in a new street-food style.

After this we will go to see Naa briefly to give her a few things. Naa will give Irma her mail, which she picked up from Kamppi.

At home we will eat fish, shower and go to bed early.