Monday, December 3

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Puotila metro station, 8:09


When I wake up I see frost, but no rain and no snow. I have breakfast and cycle to Puotila. As far as I can remember I have never cycled in December before. I have always stopped a week or two earlier because of ice, rain or snow. I photograph my bicycle next to a couple of other regulars.

I will spend the morning editing episodes six and seven of the podcast, which will both work fine. Both will contain a lot of gaps, ummms and aaahs, and talking over each other, so I will listen to them, minute by minute, editing as I go. Episode Seven includes the first part of our conversation with Arlene Goldbard, and that works very well.

After this I will check my bank account, discover that Jan has deposited money from Pixelache in it, and pay Nick and Sophie their outstanding expenses from Social Tools.

In the afternoon I will have a meeting with Eija and Rufina about the new Nobanet website. We will eventually work out what it should like like, and what information it should contain.

At 16:30 I will meet Irma at Elisa in Aleksanderinkatu to claim our badges for Slush, and at 17:00 we will meet Sanal in Postitalo for the AGM of the Finnish Indian Society. I will feel as though I have entered a British sitcom from the nineteen eighties.

This feeling will only increase as I sit there.