Tuesday, December 4

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Slush, 11:20


Irma has a lunch with three Finnish ministers today and so she has decided not to attend Slush today. I have looked out of the window at the pouring rain and decided not to cycle to Puotila today.

I walked to the gas station and caught a 93 bus to Itis; the first time I have caught a bus to the metro since early last Spring when I got the bike out.

I decided to get the metro to Sörnäinen and the 7 tram to Pasila. I got to Slush about 8:45 and found no queue at all. I went in and wandered around. I found a new drinkable supermeal, made from oats “and other natural ingredients”, and drank a free sample. I then found some free cranberry chilled porridge, which tasted much better, and came in big bowls.

At 10:00 I sat down in the front row of the Evergreen stage and watched three presentations in a row. The first concerned gaming and science, and included Kathy Gong, a Chinese national chess champion at 10, and now the CEO of Wafa Games.

The second presentation, Implications of Cryptofinance, offers much more in the way of interesting information. Lily Liu explains a lot of issues very clearly, and Eli-Shaoul Khedouri and Rune Christensen have personal experiences of working in cryptocurrencies to impart. I photograph them as they speak.

The workshop that follows will look at “the fundamental reshaping of transport” and will tell me what I learned in Monocle last month. People will stop owning cars , and vehicles will become things rent on monthly contracts, or you order like meals.

I will during this performance, and head to Arcada where I have a quick chat with Jutta. At 13:00 I will start an afternoon of helping students debug their projects before next week’s final deadline.