Friday, July 27

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Island next to Sundö, 15:20

Today is the first properly hot day in weeks, and apparently the hottest of the summer. We have a slow start to the day, except for Naa, who starts work at 8:00. After breakfast Niilia and Auo join her in the fields.

Now it is the middle of the afternoon. Naa has finished work because weeks of rain have meant that there is not that much for her to do. She, Niilia and Auo have been swimming. I mentioned that I might take them rowing and this turned into a promise that I had to keep. We have rowed the length of the bay and into the narrow channel that separates Sundö from an island whose name I have never known. WE have stopped there by the tower used for shooting elk in winter and we are having our picnic.

In a few minutes we will hear rustling and a shout, and Jurgen will appear, wanting to see who is on his island. Barbara had heard us and thought they might be about to be attacked. When he realises that it is us, he is happy we are here and very amused by the whole situation. He spends fifteen minutes chatting before going back to their house in the middle of the woods.