Thursday, December 6

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Arcada, 15:00


Independence Day, and nobody needs to get up to go to work.

When I did get up I noticed that my Shark 5 razor blade had finally given up and had snapped in the usual manner. It has lasted since August 7, when we returned from Pellinki, although we have travelled to London, and I have travelled to Pärnu and Hamburg, since August, but it has nonetheless lasted over three months.

After breakfast we got the snow shovels down from the roof in case we need them when we get back from India, and the two sledges which Naa asked for. After this we set off to deliver presents. First we went to see Niilia and then we drove the car to Stoa and took the metro to Lautasaari.

At Lautasaari we meet Päivi and Leo and hand over presents. I step outside the station to look at the facade and spot an interesting reflection.

After this we will go to Itis to get a couple of things. To our surprise most of the shops will stand closed. Hesburger has not opened but Burger King and McDonalds have. We will find Tokmanni and so in we will go.

We will get home to find Naa there, and we will sit down to eat. Irma will take Naa home with the sledges while I shower and afterwards I will iron a metre high pile of ironing which has built up while I had my back turned.