Saturday, December 8

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House, 14:45


We got up late and I got up with my head cold in full flow. I coughed and spluttered and blew my nose, and then had breakfast.

We spent much of the morning getting the house ready for a Christmas dinner, with snow falling outside. The cat goes out a few times and returns each time as soon as dignity allows.

When we have almost finished I photograph the angel on the window of Naa’s room just before I switch it on. I switch several other lights on too. Before 15:00 we find that we need lights in the house to see anything.

Naa will arrive not long afterwards and then Marja and mummi will arrive from Kamppi by taxi. I will try to keep as far away from them as possible, since I might prove infectious. I will shout greetings from the other side of the house, and then wave to them from distant doorways.

We will have a delicious meal during which I will get up from the table and retreat into a bedroom every time I feel any danger of coughing. I will have a very active dining experience. We will have most of the traditional Finnish Christmas food, excluding the herrings and replacing the ham with turkey.

We will swap presents afterwards. I will get a t-shirt, socks, a book, chocolates, and a ticket for a session of bowling.

In the evening Irma will drive everyone home, except me. I will remain here.