Sunday, December 9

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Kitchen, 15:00


We got up late again and had a hearty brunch, composed of some of the things we didn’t manage to eat yesterday. Smoked salmon sandwiches: yes, please.

My cold had started to feel better. I still coughed and my nose felt blocked but I didn’t feel shivery anymore.

I looked out at the garden, and the falling drizzle, and decided that cycling had finished for 2019. I went outside and put the bike into the back shed for winter. For the first time in years this proved a simple process. I felt momentarily puzzled until I remembered that we used to store five bikes here and now we only have three. Two of them have gone to live in Pellinge.

In the early afternoon Irma leaves to drive Marja home, and I do household tasks like vacuum-cleaning and tidying. While doing this I photograph the fruit plate from yesterday which still has chocolate and fruit on it. I dutifully start eating it.

I will do a lot of ironing in the evening, before retiring to bed early.