Monday, December 10

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Töölö, 17:00


I walked out of the house into drizzle and felt glad that I had put the bike in the shed. I walked to the gas station and got the 93 bus to Itäkeskus, starting my winter routine.

At Arcada, I made web pages for next four podcasts, and scheduled them to publish themselves at two week intervals. This will enable me to do very little about them in India. I then turned my attention to the podcasts themselves. I realised that a free Soundcloud account only allows me to upload and store a total of three hours audio, enough for six episodes or less.

I looked for other options and eventually decided to ask Pixelache for 99€ to store them on Soundcloud Pro. This will give us unlimited storage, and also allow me to schedule the podcasts. I uploaded episodes six, seven and eight, and set them to go public on the same dates and times as the web pages.

Ideally this will all work perfectly.

At midday we all went for a Q&A session with Calle, the new Director of Education at Arcada. He has worked here for as long as me, but he has only attained this height in the reshuffle that followed the appointment of the new rector.

After this I went for lunch with Jutta at Dylan. I spoke with Milla who runs it and she confirmed that it will close at the end of the month, because the building will get torn down and new housing erected in its place.

At 16:30 I meet Naa in Töölö for an hour of bowling. We will both get more than one hundred on each game and I will get 144 on my second game. That counts as an almost-respectable score.

After this we will go to Fafa’s where Naa will have a wrap and I will have sweet potato fries because I still feel hungry from lunch.

In the evening Irma and I will watch the first three episodes of Sinner, a Netflix series now showing on YLE. Irma had already seen some of it, and I really liked it. Creepy: yes. Mysterious: definitely.