Tuesday, December 11

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Pohjoisesplanadi, 18:42


This morning I walked to the gas station again and had the time to put on my new Bluetooth earpods before the 93 arrived. This meant that I could stand up on the full bus while listening to Bruce Cockburn, which seemed a better deal to me than standing up on the bus without listening to Bruce Cockburn.

I met Nathalie on the metro. She had got on at Puotila and sat on a set. I got on at Itäkeskus, said hello, and then walked down the train looking in vain for a place to sit. I stood up on the full metro listening to Bruce Cockburn.

At 9:15 I began the absolutely final CMS workshop in which everyone who still had problems could come and ask me for help. About half the class turned up. The rpoblems ranged from the obvious to the brainbendingly complex. I had scheduled the class to finish at 13:00 but in the end it ran on until 15:15, at which point I had dealt with the final issues and sent everyone off to finish on their own.

During the course of this two students suddenly got it, and one of them actually leapt out of their seat shouting, “It works! I did it!”. That, at least, made it seem worthwhile.

At 15:15 my head started spinning and I went downstairs and (literally) stuck it under a cold shower. I dried and went upstairs for some soup, before reading about ClassicPress, which might (if it succeeds in taking off) have a large impact on next year’s CMS course.

I wrote an agenda for the Nobanet meeting tomorrow, emailed it, and set off for Christmas at the British Embassy. Irma and I both arrived at the same time and met Tom and Maisa within seconds of entering. We stood chatting and grabbing mince pies and mulled wine as the waiters passed.

We apply our ninety minute rule and leave the embassy early. As we drive past the old market and turn right into the end of Pohjoisesplanadi I look at the lights over the harbour and take a photograph as the car stops in traffic as we pass the sauna and the Big Wheel.

Having processed the image at home I will have multiple problems with transferring it to WordPress from my iPad. I will have to remind myself that I have a workflow that takes care of this. I will then have to accept that, in this particular case, Apple have managed to break it.

I will spend an hour experimenting, learn a few new things, but still have to resign myself to uploading it tomorrow from my laptop, using Dropbox to get it from the iPad.

Ho hum, I will say several times, before going to bed.