Thursday, December 13

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Arcada, 8:40


I had another morning of standing all the way to work. Fortunately, I got to the bus stop to find myself alone, meaning that I had just missed a bus. I put my bluetooth earpods on, dialled up Bruce Cockburn, and squeezed onto the bus when it arrived.

I start the day by watching the last few minutes of the Lucia ceremony. I miss Lucia but I do see the choir singing, after which I walk downstairs for a big glass of piping hot non-alcoholic glögg.

After this I will write a report about Riina’s thesis. Officially Tomas should do this; unofficially he had a meeting with the rector, and I need to get it signed before I leave for India, so I will do it.

I will then go through the material for this evening’s session of the Digital Mediascape MA course, and race though some administration, making sure that all of the exchange students, and those graduating before Christmas, have their grades logged in the registry. I do not want to receive mails in Kerela telling me of tasks I have left undone.

At midday I will race to Lidl for the few supplies I need for today and tomorrow’s lunch: hummous, tomatoes and vegan puddings.

At 13:00 I will have a Zoom meeting with Sophie. We will make plans for the next few months, bearing in mind that she will have a baby boy sometime in the next week and will therefore need some time off. We have built up a stockpile of episodes to accommodate this, so we should manage to keep to our fortnightly schedule with Sophie missing from only one episode. That won’t matter because I don’t play any part in Episode 9, her discussion with Jonathan Gross about autobiography as a cultural tool.

At 16:30 I will start the final block of the Digital Mediascapes course, in which the students will make their final presentations. They have divided into small groups and they will now present pecha kuchas that each examine the possible development of one medium or tool. Each pecha kucha will end with a McLuhan tetrad.

At 20:15, we will close the session and I will race out of the building and make my way home.