Sunday, December 16

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Finnair Lounge, 20:10


We woke up reasonably late but, of course, the packing never gets finished until it gets finished. We put the toy Christmas tree away for another year, and moved some things from here to there.

Minna had offered to give us a lift to the airport, and then offered to come with us to the airport and drive our car home. We therefore loaded up our car with suitcases. At 17:45 we collected Minna and then drove to collect Naa.

We all wore clothes that felt too thin for Helsinki and too thick for anywhere else. In the excitement we reached the airport and left the bag of books for the Book Exchange in the car.

Once we had gone through customs, and I had used the e-passport gate I will probably not get to use from March 30, we headed to the Finnair lounge.

For your added comfort we shall reconstruct the lounge between December 2018 and May 2019.

In practice this meant we had a meagre selection of food to choose from, and we ate what we chose from paper plates using wooden spoons.

I spot a handmade Fazer Christmas cabin and photograph it.

We will board the plane where we will drink, eat, drink, and sleep.