Tuesday, December, 18

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Sagara, 12:00


Last night, after we arrived and did some unpacking, I slept for almost thirteen hours; Irma for about eleven.

When I opened the front door the newspaper had arrived. I found myself back in the Land of Indian Journalism.

HC order: 4,071 empanelled conductors shown the door

It takes me sometime to work out the meaning of the front page headline that greets me, and even then I have to make an intelligent guess about empanelled.

I sit reading on the first floor balcony and pause to photograph the back garden. The quarry seems fuller than last year, and the amount of floating rubbish has lessened.

After breakast Irma will phone Tangaraj, who will arrive within seconds in his new rickshaw. The girls will go to Divine Supermarket while I shower.

Later Irma and I will go to Fabindia and the beer shop. We will have arrived and entered our normal routines. After last year’s road works, KS Road has turned into an easy and quick route to Kovalam Junction, which has turned into an interesting maze where half-completed national highway meets local roads.

In the evening we will have pasta on the balcony.