Friday, December 21

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Hawa Beach, 15:51


I woke up at 8:00 after a proper night’s sleep. A few minutes later I heard Irma shouting at some passing schoolchildren throwing rocks into the quarry.

I had achieved this sleep by having the air conditioner on all night, as well as the ceiling fan. The hurricane kept me cool and kept mosquitoes away.

Irma went to a flower shop and bought several garlands and a morning flower in a pot.

At midday Naa and I went to the Manthra ayurvedic clinic near the beach where we had 70 minute deep relaxation massages. Both of us hurt all over by the end. Anu had rolled his eyes and said “European muscles” to me, adding “you must come back”.

When we got back the morning flower had, as promised, closed its flowers until 5:00 tomorrow.

In the late afternoon we took Tangaraj’s rickshaw to the place where Hawa Beach joins Lighthouse Beach. I wander onto the beach and photograph a crow while Irma and Naa buy postcards.

The other day someone told us that Michael currently works at Spice Garden, so we will walk down the path in search of him. Spice Garden has new owners who have, for some reason, renamed it Tippy’s. He will see us as we walk past.

We will say hello and stay to eat. The food will seem curiously “modern” or “international”. It will taste fine but not what we had expected. Minimally spiced and not unpleasant; but not necessarily something to seek out again.