Thursday, December 27

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Temple Path, 12:10


Irma and I both woke early in good moods and amused each other until we felt the need to get up. I had a light breakfast of fruit and lassi because I had a massage booked, and I have experienced the lack of wisdom involved in taking a massage on a full stomach.

After Tangaraj drops me at the Temple I walk along the path that leads to the beach. I photograph the ditch that runs alongside it.

In previous years the ditch served as a rubbish tip soaked by stagnant, smelly water. A few months ago the city ordered it cleaned and, for the moment, it contains clear running water. In the water I can see a lot of tiny fish swimming around.

Anu will give me another seventy minute deep relaxation massage. I will leave feeling as though I can float down the path.

When I get back Irma and Naa will leave to go swimming in the pool at Ganesh while I shower all the oil off my hair and body.

At 18:00 we will go to a new restaurant on the beach road: A Taste of Kerala. Uday will join us there.

We will have trouble working out what we should do and how we should do it. We will find it hard to get a menu and then we will only get one.

I will discover the perils of ordering tandoori gobi in a scene of barely managed chaos. It will arrive an hour after I ordered it, and about fifteen minutes after everyone else has finished eating and put their plates to one side.

It will have the appearance of something hastily prepared in panic. The cauliflower will not have any signs of softening. It will also show no signs of marinade. Instead a cold hard cauliflower will appear to have had dry spices rubbed on it before disappearing into the tandoori for a minute or two.

The result, while not subtle, could happily serve dentists as an oral anaesthetic. When we get home I will need three ice-cold beers to get any feeling back into my mouth.

I will not expect to qualify for any regular customer awards there.