Sunday, December 30

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Behind Lighthouse Beach, 13:34


Irma and Naa left for Ganesh at about 8:45. They both had consultations with the doctor who had travelled overnight from Amma’s ashram to see them. After this Naa waited while Irma had her treatment.

I spent two hours with the dogs.

When the women returned I leapt into the rickshaw and went for a massage with Anu.

On the way back from Manthra I cross paths with the man who delivers eggs to restaurants. I photograph him carrying the eggs along one of the paths that run parallel to the beach.

I will buy beer on the way back. They will have no Kingfisher beers at all – “holidays, holidays” – so I will buy a case of British Empire instead.

When I have unloaded the beer from the rickshaw Naa will leap in and return to Ganesh for the first session of the five-day treatment she agreed to this morning.

At 18:00 Tangaraj will arrive again to take us to Mister Pillai’s annual party. He lives about 1.6 kilometres from us but, because of the state of that end of the road, Tangaraj will take us by a longer route; a much longer route.

When we arrive we will discover that the house has the look and feel of a mansion from a Bollywood version of The Great Gatsby. We will greet Mr and Mrs Pillai and enter into the hall where we will quickly find Geetha, Goran, and Sohan.

We will spend most of the evening on a rooftop lounge with them, fetching food and drink from time to time from the various bars and buffets set up around the house.

Tangaraj will wait for us and we will get home about 2:00.