Tuesday, January 1

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Fabindia, Kovalam, 16:45


We got up just before 10:00. I went outside to sit with the dogs as they raced around. They both ate ravenously, and acted as though they had never felt ill in their lives.

I sat reading the paper until someone said hello just behind me. I turned to find Geetha, Goran and Sohan peering over the gate at me. I invited them in.

Irma came downstairs and laid out biscuits, fruits and juices. Naa woke up and came down, and we all sat talking for an hour until they left to drive back to Geetha and Goran’s castle on the hill.

At 14:00 Naa left for her treatment, and when she returned two hours later Irma and I jumped in the rickshaw and drove to Fabindia to look for presents for various people in Finland.

Just before we leave, while Irma looks at bales of cloth, I step outside, walk down the path, and photograph the building.

From here we will head home, stopping at Divine Hypermarket, whose website remains divinesupermarket.co.in. They have got a new logo though.

We will buy fresh vegetables outside and then go in. I will look at this year’s redesigned Himalaya packs. Last year they had changed from saying Himalaya Healthcare to Himalaya Herbals. This year they say Himalaya since 1930. The claims get less medical with each iteration.

Irma will cook pasta in the evening and we will all go to bed early.